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Friday, September 24, 2010

hyep !
people call him mirrul . he's 17 .
just a human being like u .
exactly not a perfect person .
mirrul laugh too hard at stupid thing .
mirrul talk alot ! get ready ?
mirrul riot when everything is silent .
mirrul hate people jerk on him .
mirrul love people who love him . mirrul hate fucking people who
juz make him like a rubbish !
if u r annoyin immediately u'll be delete in him frenlist .
ok ! clear 'bout dat .
so now u have 2 options .
if u hat him ,
juz get lost coz mirrul don have a tyme to care 'bout it .
if u love him juz talk to him coz ,
he's kind actually  :))
mirrul really don't care who
dislikes him or why
the people that dislikes him
have nothing to lose
so they can act like a fool .
say whatever you want



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